Live-stream of Whiskey with Acting The Maggot

On May 9 we’re going to do a livestream on Facebook and maybe Youtube. And we need you guys to help us out. All of you musicians, please join us by playing Streams Of Whiskey with us. Record it using your smartphone of professional equipment: it does not matter. As long as we can keep the party and the streams going!

Send your recording as soon as possible, but definitely before May 6 using wetransfer to: and make sure you mention your name and location.

Please listen to the audio with your headphones.
You’ll hear a loud “1, 2, 3”, after that you can start.

Download the tablature here:

Streams of Whiskey – Full Score (pdf)

We’ll use this melody 3 or 4 times throughout the song,
so be sure to play the best you can:-)

Feel free to share the video with all your friends and family.
Thanks a lot and stay healthy!

Want to know how it sounds? Check the mp3 below and use this track to play along 3 or 4 times!
Streams of Whiskey – Acting The Maggot mp3

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