1. Taken from our rehearsal this evening.
You can download the files directly from our server:

  1. The announcement (Acting The Maggot way) (128mb)
  2. Zeemansmedley (Dutch medley with sailorsongs) (620mb)
  3. Laat maar waaien (Dutch up-tempo folk song) (390mb)
  4. I’m into folk (Funny Dutch folksong  with English Lyrics) (392 mb)

If the files are too large or you cannot access them, I also uploaded them on YouTube as a backup. If you need to have them somewhere else, please let me know! These are the complete songs. Take whatever part you need from it and cut them as you want with your video editor.

2. Youtube links (files are hidden from search engines and only meant for your promotional videos)
Aankondiging: https://youtu.be/ri6luMTQ6F4
Zeemansmedley: https://youtu.be/A-Iyy-UoDb0
Laat maar waaien: https://youtu.be/X9xVjtpR7OU
I’m into folk: https://youtu.be/OZMfcPW9Pus

3. You can find all the WeTransfer links to other video files here:

4. Download our presskit with images here:
Presskit Acting The Maggot