St. Patrick’s Day week 2018

Acting The Maggot - 2018 St. Patrick's Day week

It’s going to be busy this week. With gigs in Eerde, Panningen, The Hague en Germany we will have a full schedule. We’re starting in Eerde with our won show. De Brink will provide us a location, they’ll provide us with Guinness and lovely people from Meierijstad (Noord-Brabant).

Then we’ll had off to Germany where we’ll headline the Irish and Celcit Music Night 2018. A great honour for us as you can imagine. After a great night of sleep in one of the hotels in Gladbeck we’ll drive to The Hague (Den Haag) to be part of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day party in The Netherlands on the Grote Markt. The after show will take place at O’Casey’s Irish pub.

And then to conclude the week, Tom and Maarten will finish in Panningen at Pub Tinus on the Sunday. And then…we’ll book a nice vacation. A short one… since the week after St. Pats we’re allowed to play at a wedding. How sweet is that! Anyway: hope you can join one of the below gigs!

St. Patrick’s Day schedule

10 March: pre-St.Patricks Day Party – Eerde (NL)

16 March:  Irish and Celtic Music Night 2018 – Gladbeck (DE)

17 March: St. Patrick’s Day Grote Markt – The Hague (NL)

17 March: St. Patrick’s Day O’Casey’s Irish Pub – The Hague (NL)

18 March: St. Patrick’s Day at Tinus with ATM Duo – Panningen (NL)

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